Friday, 25 March 2011

I dropped a dress size!

YAY. Sorry for not blogging in ages, but there was literally nothing to report on. I've still been going gym 4/5 times a week and working hard.

So far I've lost just over one and half stone! :) Hamdulillah. My trousers actually started to fall down, and for ages I was putting off going to to the shops to find out whether or not I could fit into a size 16.

Even my Mother noticed how loose my trousers are, and they just don't look right. So I was ordered to go to the shop and try on a size 16. And it fit!!! I was pretty happy. They're a tad tight but I have been a size 18 in trousers for a long time, and I can't tell you how ecstatic I am.

I haven't worn them yet, as they need adjusting (the leg length), but yeah, thought that this was worthy of a blog post :)

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SoulSeek said...


I was dropping by to drop a comment and your other blog and I stumbled here whilst looking for the post.

I couldn't leave without a dropping a comment lol.

It's such an inspiration to see someone in taking the initiative and challenge. It's difficult because I went through a phase where I put on weight, then I have quite an amazing background story. Not only did I get a physique, I become on of the strongest guys for my weight class in the country.

I just want you to remember that if you stick to a few principles you will succeed.

1) Never give up. If you have a bad week, let it slide. We're all human. Carry on but never never give up. Make this personal. If you give this up what other *important* aspects of your life will you compromise on? Attitude is everything. Especially important as a muslim(ah).

2) It's all about calories in vs calories out. Without going into the science and macro's of a diet. Understand good/whole/natural food is more filling than junk. In order to lose weight you must eat 500kcals less every day. 500kcals * 7days = 3,500kcals = Approx 1lb of bodyfat.

It's easy to figure out how much you're burning. There's a few ways of calculating this. Once you get a figure (lets say 2,400 kcals). Eat 1,900 kcals then weigh in every week. I prefer first thing Monday morning after the loo. If you didn't lose anything, try again, 200kcals less this week. Taking you to 1,700. It's a very simple science once you figure it out.

+500 - To put on weight/muscle (not a good option if you have high bodyfat (bf))
-500 - To lose fat


3) Some weeks you'll find you ain't losing weight. It doesn't matter. Water weight fluctuates and several other factors. Scales are just an indication. It'll come to a point where scales don't matter. Pictures/Measurements and dress sizes do. A much accurate way of reading progress.

Here's a post on linking it back to your deen a seeking a lil more inspiration:

Good luck and don't give up. Remember, it doesn't happen over night and more importantly enjoy yourself whilst doing it!

Peace :)