I have taken inspiration from many sources, including the picture above to lose weight. My main inspiration to try to properly lose weight is for my health. I already feel so much better within myself the few months I've been exercising. I realise it's going to be very difficult- harder than it is for the average person (due to my slow metabolism) for me to lose weight, but I'm ready for the challenge. I've set my mind to it and I'm determined to do what it takes to get there. I'm doing this for my future. I discovered I love running and would love to do some marathons, eventually the London Marathon, ideally before the age of 25/26. So me exercising is working towards that too. Part of it is to do with clothes, so I can wear more stylish clothes, that look good rather than most of the loose baggy dresses I'm wearing nowadays.

Another massive source of inspiration is my religion, which teaches that neither extremes are good- i.e. obesity/over-eating or bulimia/anorexia on the other side of the spectrum. It teaches me to fill my belly one-third water, one-third food, and one-third air. It teaches me not to over-indulge, and teaches me self-control during the holy month of Ramadan.

My biggest challenge is that I sometimes get disheartened I'm not losing as much as I could, due to my thyroid. I try my best to keep myself going and keep being determined to try despite this. My biggest fear is quitting or putting all the weight back on. I really hope this does not happen, and it's up to me to ensure it doesn't.